Youtube Comments Not loading in 2021

YouTube is the leading app among video streaming platforms. All groups of people use it for different purposes from entertainment to getting themselves updated with live news. Additionally, most YouTube users love to read comments on certain videos to get a better understanding of the content or another reason. What if you have reached a video for comments but YouTube comments not showing up? Relax! Read ahead to know how you can fix “YouTube comment not loading” issues. 


Methods to Fix YouTube Comments not Loading Error on a Web Browser 


Reset the Google Chrome/ any Browser you are using

Go to incognito mode to ensure comments on YouTube are not loading cause of issues with your browser. If you find it working, reset the browser by clicking on restore settings to their original defaults under the settings> Advanced section.


Clear Cache and Cookies

Make sure your browser is not overloaded with cache files. Go to customized button> More tools> clear browsing data> browsing history, cookies, images, and cache files> clear data. It will optimize the browser and help in the smooth functioning of various sites including YouTube. 


Disable VPN or Other Proxy Extensions

Disable any kind of proxy or extension you have enabled on your browser. Now, check if the YouTube comments not showing issues fixed or not. 


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