What Does "NGL" Mean, and How Do You Use It?

NGL basically this word is used to show the person how honest you are. If you use this word person will think you are saying true. But it also depends on what way you are saying.

Do you want to know what we say to NGL full form in chat then, here it's and, that is not gonna lie which signifies that you are saying the truth and having power in your words and also having confidence in what you are saying to the other person?

I am sure this word will definitely win you a fight with your friends or brother and sister.

But you can also use this word to express your emotion as well.

The History Of Not Gonna Lie?

The word NGL people are using this word over 100 years ago. It expresses an expression of colloquial. And remember this word is mainly used for your honesty and to show vulnerableness

People use not gonna lie mainly before or after giving their opinions or to show emotions or give an alert to someone.

But this word got short in 2009 or maybe in 2010 and started using this word as an abbreviation. The word Ngl was added to the urban dictionary. This word goes on the top in Google trends where more and more people started searching for this word.

How Do You Use NGL?

NGL is used as the short form in the chats to type the words faster it's the new trend to say the word in the short form, for example, okay we used it as ok or k Like this only NGL meaning chat is not gonna lie we use NGL as an abbreviation. 

NGL doesn't face any grammatical mistakes or it's not having a rule that should right these words in comma it's up to you how you want to right that.

But remember don't use this word if you are not sure about something might another person may be hurt by your answer or if you want to use this word in a joke way then use it properly.

For example, you can use this word like- NGL I don't like your dress which NGL meaning in text is not gonna lie I don't like your dress. 

Different Full Forms of NGL

The other meaning of NGL is 

  • National Guardian Life
  • Natural Gas Liquids
  • Next Generation Leaders
  • Natural Ground Level
  • National Golf League