Top 8 Ways to Fix Voicemail Not Working on iPhone

In this blog, we are going to tell our users what they can do if they can’t set up voicemail on iPhone 11 so that the users can get rid of this issue. 

Way to Fix the Issue with Voicemail not working on iPhone for the Users – 

Way 1 – The first way is to check whether the voice mail has been enabled on the device which the users are using or not. 

Way 2 – Restarting the phone app can be a good way to resolve this issue as the errors which the users are facing might be because of it. 

Way 3 –To know ‘why is my voicemail not working’ then let us tell you that the users can try to turn on and then off the airplane of the device they are using. 

Way 4 – Another way to fix this way is to check if the voicemail is working or not and that too checking manually. 

Way 5 – The users can also try to check the greeting of voicemail and if you haven’t done the settings properly then the users need to do so to fix this problem. 

Way 6 – The users need to check if the option of call forwarding is enabled on their device or not and if not then they need to do it immediately. 

Way 7 – To fix voicemails not showing up on iPhone the users need to install the pending carrier updates. 

Way 8 – Last and the most important way to fix this issue is to reset the network setting which might be the reason the users are facing issues with the voicemail of their device. 

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