Instagram not Working? Here are Some Things you can Try!

Instagram is one of the biggest social media applications and there are currently millions of daily active users that use the application. The application has awesome features that have made it more good and easy to use but, even if the application is such a popular one, it is not free of issues. There have been instances where people have companied that their Instagram not working today. So, if you are also struggling with your application then, use this guide to know some simple methods that will help you. 

What can you do if your Instagram is not Working?

It is very problematic if your Instagram is not working efficiently and you start to wonder why is Instagram not working. Here, we are going to tell you some reasons and methods that you can use to resolve your issues. 

See if the Application is not down

A major reason why you may face issues with the application can be when the servers of the application are not running properly. While it is very rare, there have been situations where Instagram was down and you should too check this on Downdetector. 

Update the Application

Another reason why Instagram not refreshing can be the updated status of the application. You need to regularly update your applications to free them from any technical bugs or errors and the same should be done with Instagram. See if there are any updates present for the application and update it. 

Restart your Device

While you may think that this method will not help in any case, let me tell you that most of the issues with any application can be easily solved by restarting the device. You should try to shut it down and then open your device again to see if the application works. 

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