How to Hide Text in Discord and Add a Spoiler Image?

If you're trying to communicate with others in Discord and you want to keep certain parts of the conversation secret, you can use the Discord spoiler tag. To hide text in Discord, just highlight a portion of the message and click the eye icon. A box will appear at the beginning and end of the text. Alternatively, you can simply type /spoiler into the chat server's search bar and type your message. This will automatically mark your message as a spoiler and hide it until someone clicks the black box.

Ways to Add Spoiler Tag on Discord

To use the spoiler tag on Discord, you must first choose a server. Type the message that you want to hide. It should begin with "Hello, This is a spoiler." Put 'sp' before and after the text to hide it. Once you've typed the message, press the enter button. You can also use the spoiler tag on your mobile device. The first method works on desktop and web browsers, but it's easier to do it through a Discord Android app. You can even use the dashboard option in the chat window to view your hidden messages.

To add a spoiler tag, you'll need to highlight the text to be hidden. Once you've highlighted the text, simply right-click the text and choose "Mark as spoiler". This will mark the text as a spoiler. It will also be marked with two parallel vertical lines. Then, you can start typing your message to hide the content you're hiding. You can also use the "-sp" command to remove all the other characters in the message.

Another option to hide text in Discord is to add a spoiler tag. You can use the "/spoiler" command to prevent anyone from reading your message. This will hide the whole content of the message while maintaining your privacy. The /spoiler command will turn your message into a dark grey box that makes it difficult to view the content. You can also post pictures or videos as spoilers.

There are many ways to hide text in Discord. To use a spoiler tag, simply click the 'Spoiler' phrase and the image will be displayed. You can also mark an attachment as a spoiler by marking it as a "spoiler" when uploading it to the message. This method only works on the desktop version of the chat room. To hide text in Discord, use the  spoiler' option.

When you are in Discord, you can use the spoiler tag Discord to hide text in a specific way. To hide a message, you need to highlight the portion of the message that you want to hide, click on it and click on the 'Spoiler' icon. In iOS, the 'Spoiler' tag will appear as an eye icon. The app will also support other Markdown tags such as 'tag' and mark as spoiler.