How to Fix ‘Last Line No Longer Available’ on iPhone?

When attempting to call a contact, some iPhone users have received the "Last Line No Longer Available" error message. After a recent update, the device is unable to choose a line to make the phone call that you have ordered it to make, resulting in an error message. When an eSIM activation error occurs, it's usually because of a recent software upgrade. In order to fix the error message you're seeing, simply follow the steps outlined here.

What Causes the iPhone's 'Last Line No Longer Available' Issue?

Last line no longer available error message issue is nothing new, as it has appeared on Apple iPhone since iOS 12. Dual-SIM iPhone models were affected by the problem.

When an error warning shows on the screen when a user attempts to call the default number using the phone app's recent records and reads, "Last Line No Longer Available iPhone 13." "Would you like to make a call on your spare line?"

Fix Last Line is no Longer Available Error Message on IOS 15

Once again, restart your iPhone.

  • Clear Log of recent phone calls
  • Clear records of phone calls made recently.
  • Wi-Fi Calling should be turned off.
  • Make Network Selection Disable
  • You can alter your network settings
  • Remove and reinsert the SIM card.
  • Reset your iPhone's network settings.
  • Upgrade to the most recent iOS version on your iPhone