How To Fix A Facebook Account Temporarily Locked?

Facebook Account Temporarily Locked then don't worry here I am to solve your issue. Just don't get panic or be sad. Just make sure you are good enough to do all the below steps and patience after that to get your account back. So start reading the blog and solve your issue.

Guide to unlock your Temporary locked Facebook account

Follow these steps to Recover Locked Facebook Account

Report a login issue

I must say if you face any issue related to Facebook this measure helps a lot. As in this what you have to do is take a whole screenshot of what you facing problem in your Facebook account. And mark a request to the Facebook team with a screenshot and write your problem in that and then wait for 3-4 workings days you will receive the message or your problem is solved by Facebook.

Security Checks Preventing Login" 

Here you don't need to show your screenshot. You just have to explain your whole issue to them in the form you will get this form by going on the Security Checks Preventing Login option. And make a note in your mind that you should also share that you are not receiving the code also so that they can either solve it.

Verify Your Identity With Facebook

This process will help you in getting your locked Facebook account back by just providing your information.

You'll have to join a type of photo ID proof like your driver's permit or visa, and your telephone number or login email.

Facebook gives you the warning that your account will be locked in one year if you don't provide your identity proof. In any case, you can change this to 30 days just by delivering your Personality Confirmation Settings.

Then wait for Facebook to send you mail.