How To Fix: Facebook Login Problems

In any social media or email service providers, it is common to get errors now and then. Yes, truly when errors come it will be frustrating and annoying. Today, we are here to assist you with Unable to Login Facebook.


Check whether the server is down:

Sometimes, the server of facebook will be down which means it’s not only you who is facing this issue but everyone is having the same trouble. 

There are websites available to check out these errors; websites like downdetector, downforeveryoneorjustme can be used to find whether the server is down. 

Recheck the credential information:

When you enter a wrong email address or password, you will certainly get Facebook Login Problems. So when you enter the correct credential information, you will be logged into your facebook account. 

Try recovering your facebook account:

Step 1:

Go to the facebook’s recovery page, then enter the email address or phone number whichever you have given while you created the account. 

Step 2:

After that it will display your profile. Check whether you can see your profile. If it is your profile, click on the send code via email or send code via phone number and then click continue. 

Step 3: 

Now in your email/mobile you have selected, you will receive a code. Enter it in the box. Now you can access your account. 

Follow any of these methods when you face, Facebook Login Issues

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